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About Nick

Let me introduce myself to you.

I'm Nick Nwaogu, and I'm CEO of NwaoguXYZ.

You know as they say "No mess is too messy"—mine is.

I'm often absent-minded and carefree with little things—if not everything. I forget my birthdays, so my loved ones don't take it personal when I forget theirs. I'm always sitting around in some short—trousers seem uncomfortable to me. I'm disgustingly simple—I'll choose a flip flop to a pair of Italian leather shoes any day. I'm 56kg—I don't have the strength to put on heavy things. I'm addicted to sugar and loud music, that's why you would always see an empty Coke bottle and a Beat By Dre headset laying around in a corner of my workspace.


Deepak Bhagya

Personal info

Finding Nick

P.O. Box 1337, Festac Town, Lagos-Nigeria.

Birthday: 20 MAY 1990
Phone number: +234-8144-726-899, +234-7051-148-553
Website: www.nwaogu.com, www.nwaogu.me
E-mail: nick@nwaogu.com, nick@nwaogu.me


Know more about my past

From 1990

  • May 20, 1990

    Nick was born

    Nick was born premature. Seven months and ten days. Small enough to be placed in a small beverage can. Stayed in the incubator for two months.

  • 1998

    Nick became fascinated with Computers

    Had my first personal computer, made by LG, which ran on Windows ME, with a 512MB processor. Computers immediately became a fascination.

  • 2003

    Nick started learning computer programming

    I read a computer textbook that introduced me to basic HTML. I wrote my first html, head, and body tags in a Notepad file. And there you have it, I created my first offline webpage.

  • 2004

    Nick published his first website on the WorldWideWeb

    After about a year of watching HTML and CSS tutorials, I finally had the courage to create my first website and published it to the WorldWideWeb using Tripod.com

  • 2005

    Nick got fascinated with perpetual motion machines

    I decided to visit my high school library to read. I came across this science encyclopedia that introduced perpetual motion machines to me; a fictional machine that if successfully built, will contradict either the first or second laws of Thermodynamics.

  • 2006

    Nick got fascinated with cosmology and relativity

    So I didn't stop reading the encyclopedia. I continued until I found a new fascination. Cosmology is the study of the structure of the universe, how it looked like the past, how it all began, and how it will possibly look like in the near future. Relativity is split into Special and General. Special relativity documents the effect of speed on the measurement of length, time, mass, and other physical quanities. While general relativity documents the nature of gravity as a curved spacetime; an interaction of matter and the curvature of space, rather than a physical force as postulated in Newtonian mechanics.

  • 2006

    Nick became proficient in computer programming

    Finally all my hours, days, months, and years spent on W3Schools.com paid off. I could write in over ten high-level computer languages.

  • 2007

    Nick developed my first video game

    I developed my first computer game for Windows after two weeks of getting introduced to Game Maker game development engine. The game was called 'Save The Admiral', which addressed issues related to global warming. STA was published under the game house 9JABOi Interactive.

  • 2007

    Nick enrolled to Imo State University

    I enrolled to the University to study for a Bachelor's degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. I dropped out of the university after two years to accept an offer at the University of Lagos.

To Date

  • 2009

    Nick enrolled to the University of Lagos

    I accepted a provisional offer to study at the University of Lagos for a Bachelor's degree in Physics.

  • 2010

    Nick developed a social network

    I developed a social network for students of the University of Lagos, and called it LAGbook (Ladies And Gentlemen book). LAGbook grew to 1,000,000+ registered members in less than three years.

  • 2011

    Nick appeared on National Mirror Newspaper and TechCrunch

    After just a year of running LAGbook, I was featured on a full-page story on a national newspaper for pioneering a Made-In-Nigeria social network. Few months later, LAGbook was featured on the world's leading technology website TechCrunch, for growing by 30,000 registered members in 6 months.

  • 2012

    Nick signed a million-naira deal with Blackberry.

    As the popularity grew, LB caught the eyes of multinational company Blackberry. LAGbook signed an eight-weeks advertising deal with the company, which was trying to grow its booming Nigerian market. The deal went viral, and featured me on the pages of Yahoo! News, African Business Review, Vanguard Newspaper (twice), and National Mirror Newspaper (for the second time.) The year also saw me giving a keynote lecture on the role of mobile and social media in developing nations at the 2012 IT Leaders West Africa Summit in Accra-Ghana.

  • 2013

    Nick's LAGbook had over 1,000,000 registered members

    As predicted in our Yahoo! News feature, LAGbook eventually reached the milestone of 1,000,000 registred members a month before the social network turned 3. Few months before we achieved this feat, I made it to the pages of The Guardian Newspaper for 'blazing the trail in social networking.'. I also gave a lecture on the 12 facets of social media at the AIESEC Ghana Youth-To-Business Forum. Fast forward few months after, I sold the social network company to a Canadian Shidan Gouran before graduating from the University of Lagos.

  • 2013

    Nick started his second Internet company PRAYHoUSe

    Few months after graduating from the University of Lagos, I started PRAYHoUSe, which is an extremely large Christian prayer directory on the Internet with over 10,000 prayers for different life situations, with new prayers added daily.

  • 2014

    Nick sold PRAYHoUSe

    After just four months of running PRAYHoUSe, I sold the prayer website for more than three times the amount I sold the social network.

  • 2016

    Nick started NwaoguXYZ

    NwaoguXYZ is a software company that create, grow, invest, and monetize Internet ventures. NwaoguXYZ is the parent company to Push, 234Domain, WhiteColla, HeadlineNG, PageCTR, FairlyUsed, Animeight, CronCode, TakeThrough and The Ycious Project.

Skills & Things about Nick

html & css
JS & JQuery
Web Developer


So What can Nick do?


I can work closely with you from an idea straight up to a full grown project. Everything is feasible.

Web Design

I'm a well-experienced web designer and developer. So whatever you're thinking of having, I've got the right codes.

Graphic Design

I'm awesome at presentation. A good website is as good as the graphic designer.

Mobile Development

Yes, everything is going mobile, and you have to go same way. No one wants to be left out or behind.


Yeah, I see myself more of a marketer than a programmer. 70% of every business capital goes here.

User Experience

Whatever I do, I make sure people find it easy and exciting to use. Trust me.


Getting in touch with Nick

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 1337, Festac Town, Lagos-Nigeria.

Phone number

+234-8144-726-899, +234-7051-148-553


www.nwaogu.com, www.nwaogu.me