"Nwaogu's way of writing is quite eloquent."

—Fiction Press

The Almost Kiss: A Novel

Uche turns a Valentine date into a blood bath before midnight. Everybody thinks he is dead, but a strange text message triggers a series of twisted events, which proves that he's still alive and in the wind, and that the life of his ex, Chioma, is hanging by a thin thread. Follow Femi as he uncovers a murder mystery that nobody even knew happened.

Odd Family Out: A Collection Of Short Stories

In 'Odd Family Out', Nick Nwaogu tells over a score of short-stories about his unusually odd family, using twenty-five chapters to introduce twenty-five fictional family members with contrasting personalities, including a fictional version of himself. The book starts with the introduction of his mother. "I always knew I came from a very odd family. There was mother—too short, too old-fashion..."

"Great quality and plot."
—Meryl Wright,
The Books Machine

"Good stories... loved the details."
—Bonnie Flach

Lagos Through His Eyes: A Novel

Segun isn’t the type of man Nnenna wants to end up with. Apart from acting immature and completely unfocused, he is Muslim and Yoruba, and every possible thing she never wants in her man. Without her wish or will, life brings them closer and closer each passing day and she eventually falls in love with his many flaws as she is introduced to the beautiful city of Lagos through his glaring eyes.

"I love that it was set in Nigeria and the characters are also Nigerian. Really interesting to know that such marriage tests actually exist. Nwaogu's way of writing is quite eloquent, and the character's traits are easily distinguishable, which is always a good thing in my opinion. Overall, it's really good!"
—Fiction Press

"In Lagos Through His Eyes, Nwaogu has painted a vivid picture of a decadent rich young materialistic man in Lagos. The contrast with the people coming from the villages into the city is immense, and Nwaogu has set the stage for a drama to unfold, also involving a young lady coming from the countryside determined to improve her life, but at what cost? Looks like a winner."
—Ronald W. Hull,
Author of 'The Kaleidoscope Effect'

February: A Screenplay

In February, together, Sergeant Femi Kolawole and investigative journalist Chioma Okafor solves Emeka's Valentine-day murder, and on doing so, Chioma is exposed to Femi's heroic personality, which makes her eventually fall in love with him. This is a story on how crime brings two love birds together.